ALsports performs visitation at CRB

10/ Apr/ 2019
ALsports performs visitation at CRB

The meeting took place in Maceió – AL

By Marcelo Bandeira

In a further institutional visit to the account, ALsports was, on May 20, at the Ninho do Galo Training Center, where he met the club’s vice president of soccer, Thiago Paes, who also accumulated the position of football executive . The main objective of the visitation was to strengthen the relationship with the team.

“The experience was enriching. The CRB is a very well structured club and it is always important to promote these meetings in favor of football, “said ALSports representative Arthur Lobo.

The intermediary took advantage of the visit to praise the dependencies of the Rooster, which, he said, are top notch. “The club’s structure and perceived growth in the latter evidences a promising future for the club. We can score the CRB as one of the fastest growing clubs in the Northeast. Really, the CRB is to be congratulated. ”

We are grateful for the excellent reception of Thiago Paes, Vice President and Football Executive. We wish success throughout the project.


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