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10/ Apr/ 2017
Get to know alsports

Company specialized in management and intermediation of sports agents.

With the aim of generating value for all those involved in our processes, through a professional, innovative and sustainable performance, ALsports is a company specialized in management and intermediation of interests of the main agents related to the sports field. The agency seeks to act in the management of careers, intermediation of athletes and in the search for efficient solutions for clubs and sports organizations.

The organization has a network of specialized partners and a regulated team with the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), FIFA (International Football Federation) and OAB (Brazilian Bar Association). All the credentials required to be active in the field of performance, providing the key so that customers can conquer the three points on and off the lawns.

It is part of the values ​​of the company to believe in the development of an efficient work, based on values ​​such as excellence, humility, ethics and respect, affirming its commitment to growth and results.

In order to carry out the proposed services, ALsports has a qualified team. Intermediate and founder of the company, Arthur Lobo, who also acts as a partner of Grupo Prodieta, has built a team of work according to each of the clients’ needs. The legal sector is the responsibility of the partner Maria Eduarda Beltrão, who works with the judicial and administrative processes, compliance, consulting and tax planning of the company. The lawyer specializes in Tax Law by the Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies (IBET).

Responsible for ALsports communication channels, journalist Marcelo Bandeira acts as a press officer and content producer, leaving the public inside everything that happens in the company and advising clients in a timely manner. The graphic designer Renan Marques is responsible for the production of the publicity pieces linked to the company.

Gilvan Ferreira and Marcos Aurélio are the technical observers and discoverers of new talents. Your jobs are imperative to ALsports.

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