ALsports and Bandeira close partnership.

12/ Apr/ 2019
ALsports and Bandeira close partnership.

Announcement took place this morning (11), after meeting with representatives

With the objective of consolidating its communication and press structure, ALsports announced, on Thursday (11), a partnership with Bandeira Assessoria Esportiva. The partner company operates in the press advisory and strategic communication segment in the sports field aimed at athletes and sports entities.

The companies operate in complementary markets and aim, through the partnership, to promote both brands, thus strengthening their communication channels and their services offered. Acting in the sector of agency and intermediation of athletes, ALsports sees together the Flag the creation of a strong link of communication and development of its image and that of its athletes.

“The partnership is fundamental so that we can exchange experiences and further strengthen the structure of services and the processes made available to our agents. In our market positioning planning, the arrival of the Flag is fundamental to reach our objectives. It is worth mentioning that Marcelo already worked in our team and we know his potential well. Make it a very successful partnership, “said director and intermediary Arthur Lobo.

According to the director of communication of the advisory, Marcelo Bandeira, the idea is that the action together serves for the companies to reach new audiences. “It’s always good to be associated with big agencies. Partnership is a marketing strategy aimed at reaching new markets. ”

We would like to welcome the Bandeira Assessoria Esportiva. May it be a successful partnership!


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