For efficient performance in high-performance football, expertise is required that goes beyond acting on the pitch. Talent, will power, abdication, and good physical fitness are essential, but they do not guarantee a trajectory of victories and results.


To achieve positive and lasting results, AL Sports offers a range of services that guarantee structure and support to our partners, offering favorable conditions for career development and successful performances within professional football.


The same rules and concepts are valid for action with Clubs and Sports Entities. Looking for efficient performance, worrying about professionalism and providing adequate services to meet their needs and those of their stakeholders is a preponderant factor to achieve satisfactory results. Establishing a brand or concept in a competitive market, constantly evolving, full of singularities and highly unstable, are challenges that fuel our efforts on a daily basis.


Through a detailed study of the needs, scenario and interests of each club or sporting entity, we seek the implementation of efficient solutions and viable actions that produce sustainable results both on and off the field


    Through a network of intermediaries registered with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the International Football Federation (FIFA), we offer support in prospecting for the acquisition and sale of athletes in national and international negotiations, safeguarding the interests and enhancing the results of our clients.



    The Solidarity Mechanism, as provided for in Article 21 of the FIFA Transfers Regulations, states that the transfer of professional players during the term of their contract, 5% of any compensation (not including training rights) will be deducted from the total amount of the operation and distributed by each club in which the athlete has passed the age of 12 to 23 years. Backed by the National Dispute Resolution Chamber (CNRD) and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS), we offer the necessary tools to guarantee the transfer of the assets to the credit clubs. As important as the application, we offer national and international monitoring and transfers, identification surveys and calculations required for the application of the mechanism.








    One of the main forms of protection that the clubs have to guarantee their rights on their talents is the Certificate of Formador Club (CCF), regulated by the Brazilian Confederation of Soccer (CBF) in 2012. The one that owns this seal guarantees rights on contracted athletes during their training period, safeguarding and reserving the interests of the training club. It is something that is part of the reality of the main clubs in Brazil, but currently less than 5% of national clubs are certified. Facing this scenario and counting on a team of specialists, we offer the consulting services for the feasibility analysis and application of the Formador Club Certificate (CFO).



    Through partnerships established with Technical Observers in several regions of the country, with a good history of development and revelation of athletes, we offer a portfolio of athletes with a profile outlined for the needs and conditions of each club.



    Aiming at the implementation of mechanisms that generate safety and support in the performance of sports clubs and entities, we offer consulting and outsourcing services for sporting legal activities. Consulting and application of mechanisms that preserve the club’s assets, statutory alteration, drafting of contracts, representation with the Arbitration Boards (CNRD / TAS), among others.





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